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The Music Scene In San Francisco

2 Great Music venues in San Francisco

If you’re planning to visit San Francisco and you love music then you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The Original Sweetwater Interior

The Original Sweetwater Interior

The music scene in San Francisco is vibrant, busy and attractive. There is live music available in just about any music genre, and visitors can spend every evening at a different venue.

In fact the biggest problem that music lovers face when visiting San Francisco is what to see and what to miss, because it’s impossible to see even a fraction of the great musical entertainment available in this great city.

So here’s 2 great music venues in San Francisco, any of which are worth a visit.

1. The Sweetwater Music Hall

The Sweetwater Music Hall opened in late January 2012 and is intended to be a state of the art nightclub and cafe that presents the highest quality entertainment and music but is also a home venue for local talent and emerging talent to perform.

It is intended to re-birth the original music venue which was opened in 1972.

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What to Do In San Francisco

If you’re a fan of music then San Francisco is a wonderful destination, and we’ve talked about 2 venues that you should make a point of visiting before you leave.


The Golden Gate Bridge from Wikimedia

However as a tourist there’s plenty of other things to do in San Francisco, and you should try and fit a few of the best tourist attractions of San Francisco in together with your attendances at live venues.

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is proper the most famous bridge in the world, and is an extraordinary icon of San Francisco. It is 1.7 miles long and almost 120,000 cars drive across it every single day.

Some say that it is the most photographed thing on earth.

It spans the long channel between San Francisco Bay in the Pacific Ocean and links San Francisco with Marin County.

As a tourist it’s perfectly possible to cross the bridge on foot, though it’s reasonably long walk, but well worth the visit.

2. Alcatraz

Alcatraz may just be the most famous prison in the world. And as well as being a prison it is also an island.

Alcatraz prison is located on Alcatraz Island which is in the middle of San Francisco Bay. The island is often called “the Rock” and was originally intended as a lighthouse, and then in 1868 as a military prison. Continue Reading →

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How to Visit San Francisco On A Budget. 2 Quality Budget Hotels To Choose From

Unfortunately visiting America, and of course this includes San Francisco, is not cheap. Most people find accommodation in America to be reasonably expensive and, for anyone travelling on a budget, this is an obvious issue.

So today we wanted to look at 2 hotels in San Francisco where you can stay at a reasonable price. Because any visit to San Francisco shouldn’t be too quick, there’s so much to see, so you don’t want tp bankrupt yourself on hotel fees.

1. The San Remo Hotel

This is a quaint and delightful little San Franciscan hotel that is well worth a stay but which won’t break your budget.

The San Remo Hotel

The San Remo Hotel

One of the most famous events in US history as the great earthquake of 1906, which devastated much San Francisco. Not only was the earthquake devastating however the fires which followed the earthquake finished off the job that the earthquake had left.

After this disaster Mr AP Giannini, who was the founder of the Bank of America, decided to build this 62 room hotel.

It was built by Italian immigrants who were the first people to stay in the hotel once became habitable. It still offers Italian food.

The hotel is located at 2237 Mason Street, San Francisco, and the historic area of San Francisco known as North Beach. It is well located and many of the great tourist attractions of San Francisco can be visited on foot from the hotel. Continue Reading →

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